Eurachem 2019 is held in Tartu, Estonia! Why visit Estonia? Well, there are plenty of reasons to do that, including:

  1. Enjoy the long white nights during May to July, where it doesn’t get completely dark at all!
  2. Meet Estonians, who accordingly to visitors, speak a mysterious language called Estonian, that rather sounds like elvish.
  3. 50% of Estonia is covered with forest. You can easily go and enjoy the wilderness without anyone disturbing…
  4. …which is caused by the fact, that there are only 1.3 million people living here. Enjoy the serenity!
  5. Estonians have a deep cultural background with long traditions. Estonian Song and Dance Festival is actually included in UNESCO’s prestigious list of Intangible Cultural Heritage.
  6. Get to know Estonia as a digital society. It is possible to do almost everything online, including your taxes, getting a birth certificate for your newborn, receiving prescriptions for medicaments and also voting. Everything is just a few clicks away!



Tartu is a comfy student town that brings back memories of walking through leafy parks to many people who have once studied here. Being the home to one of the oldest universities in the Northern Europe, it is the centre for culture and science in Estonia. There is a variety of museums to visit during daytime and for the evening there is always a lot to choose from theatre performances to musical concerts. You can finish your evening enjoying the town’s upbeat nightlife. Tartu is very compact town, where you can reach most of your destinations by foot.

Tartu is the second largest town in Estonia and it is situated in southern part of the country. It is connected to the world primarily through Tallinn, Estonia’s capital. Tallinn is easily accessed by plane straight from most largest airports in Europe. The Tallinn international airport is located on the edge of that city, on the road to Tartu. The distance between Tallinn airport and Tartu is 180 km.

Tartu is well known as the city of good thoughts:

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Eurachem 2019 Workshop & General Assembly has also received funding from the city of Tartu.


Our capital Tallinn was named as the best value destination in the world by Lonely Planet!

Easily accessible by plane and ferry, easily (and best) explored on foot, and offering excellent value food and accommodation to travellers, Tallinn is a top choice for travellers who want to make the most of their budgets in 2018.